Cephalexin for Acne – How can this Medication Treat Acne

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Doctors have utilized antibiotics to remedy acne for almost four decades, with utmost victory in clearing facial appearances in individuals with reasonable and serious pimples. However, in several situations, the most usual antibiotics no longer perform properly to combat acne, and physicians are compelled to experiment with other options. If this is your situation, you and your doctor may possibly experiment with the antibiotic known as cepahalexin to remedy your acne.

Learn the Source of Acne

Acne forms on the skin in sites where you have oil glands, like the face, back and chest, as stated by the Cleveland Clinic. Once these oil glands construct excessive oil, the surplus obstructs your pores and instigates pimples to develop. As soon as these pimples develop, bacteria can contaminate them, showing the way to irritation. Antibiotics cure this bacterial infection in acne.

Work of Cephalexin

Cephalexin for Acne The antibiotic cephalexin is element of a cluster of prescription medicines described as cephalosporin antibiotics, which doctors utilize to remedy bacterial infection within the body, as stated by the Drugs.com. Cephalexin does not completely destroy bacteria. As a substitute, it inhibits particular bacteria from developing appropriately, which instigates the organism to break and stop working. If your doctor recommends cephalexin for you, you must precisely take it as recommended and for as long as prescribed, although your acne may already to get better. You must take every dosage together with a full glass of water.

By-Products of Cephalexin

In several individuals, cephalexin can bring about diarrhea, which can signify that a new, distinctive infection has developed. If you have bloody diarrhea while ingesting the medicine, call or visit your doctor immediately. There are extremely a number of individuals who form serious allergic response to cephalexin. The allergic response may be characterized by skin complaints and complexity in breathing. If this occurs to you, seek out assistance as soon as possible. Additional normal by-products form cephalexin throughout acne treatment involves painful joints, vomiting, diarrhea and vaginal itchiness.


Even though physicians are inclined to have a preference for further antibiotics for acne, medical study reveals that cephalexin can efficiently remedy dreadful acne. On one research issued out in the medical journal Pediatric Dermatology in 2008, doctors evaluated the situations of 93 individuals who had obtained cephalexin for acne. They discovered that four percent of the individuals noticed their acne totally resolved, 45% had most important development, 29% had meager development, 16% did not notice any distinction and 6% had experienced worsened acne situation. Seven percent had also encountered by-products from the medicine.

Accounts on Cephalexin

Individuals who experience acne evaluating cephalexin on Acne.org patient’s discussion provided the antibiotic muddled up evaluations. Several users noticed that it cleared their acne but provided them by-products like allergic reactions or yeast infection. In several situations, individuals with acne whose pimples had discontinued reacting to further medication, stated that cephalexin assisted them get better their facial appearances.

Even if cephalexin can combat bacteria, it can also interact with further medications; that is why it should be taken with extra caution. In order to be sure of your safety, consult a doctor first before takin in this medication for acne.

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